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afoolsmind's Journal

4 February
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Here you can read online and download the scans and translation of the French comic L'Assassin Royal, adapted from Robin Hobb's world-famous novel series, The Farseers and The Tawny Man.

A vast majority of the translation involves actual quotes from the books, since it felt wrong that such an adaptation could not be read with the original text. The purpose of this collaboration is to right that particular wrong.

~Please abide to a few rules~

* Please do not create scanlation out of this. It seems one step too far into illegality and I do hope you will respect our work by doing this.

* This is free work by fans for fans. You should not have to pay for it. Additionally, if the comic becomes available in your language, please buy it to support the artists.
If an English version is ever released, please inform us so we can shut down that account and stop redistributing the scans.

~ Progress of ongoing work~

Comic #3
Tearing apart: 100%
Scanning: 99%
Translation: 100%
Beta: 100%
Cleaning: 99%
Final edit & post: 90%

Comic #4
Tearing apart: 100%
Scanning: 0%
Translation: 0%
Beta: 0%
Cleaning: 0%
Final edit & post: 0%
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